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Puppy and Dog Training Online

29 July, 2007

Today I am going to write about a few things and I am going to start with a discussion of my search for dog training packages offered online. I used to have a dog that had severe dog separation anxiety problems. I consulted my vet and read books, et cetera, and little luck with making her comfortable when I wasn’t around until she went through some dog training exercises with me and soon she was calmer and not pacing or destroying things in my house when I was at work.

This led me to think that surveying a few puppy and dog training online courses would be beneficial to some dog owners. I tracked down a few and found one that I really like. There were two others that seemed almost as good, but I have to be honest and say that I only followed up on the one that I will fully review here: Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Course

On her site she lists a long series of professional dog training gigs that she’s had. It is impressive, I suppose, but lots of people list things like that on their site. To be honest, I would expect no less from a dog trainer. The truly impressive thing about her site and course comes in the form of a free lesson to which you can watch and see what her teaching style will be and the subject matter covered in the course. I found her course to be more complete than some of the others professing full train, but only offering basic heeling and off the couch training. Her course also offers tricks, anti-barking, some great dog psychology that is partly the reason i was able to reduce my dogs separation anxiety, and much more.

There was loads of free bonus stuff too. Unlike many cases I have seen online, the bonuses had some value. Not all of them, but the potential was there to have value to various people in different situations, so I give her a hats off to making her package attractive and flexible.

There is a LOT more information on her site! I am sort of pushing this one because it really did out shine the others that I found. If you are interested in owning a well-behaved, comfortable dog that enjoys your company and can handle themselves well when you are not around, too, this package may well be a great way to accomplish that goal! Check it out here and see what you think: Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Course

Another one that turned my head is the Sit Stay Fetch Online Dog Training Course.

This package was very similar to Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Course mentioned above, containing even more free extras and a long list of testimonials, but there were two differences that makes me put Dove’s course on top: The Sit Stay Fetch Online Dog Training Course is geared almost strictly towards behavioral problems and seems to address dog psychology and more leisurely fun dog training less. In addition to that, there are NO free lessons on the front page of the site, so you don’t get a solid idea of the training techniques and the package itself before you get involved.

On the reverse side of that, the front page has SO much information on it that perhaps there is no need for these extra things and you can get a full idea of what you would get with the package. It also seems well thought-out and organized. The package offers tons and if you want to go with someone that has more posted testimonials and flash, then you should check them out. To do that, go here: Sit Stay Fetch Online Dog Training Course

The last course into which I looked was a course called the Dog Training Discovery Course and it has one interesting claim to fame: training your puppy or dog with results overnight. The page is not flashy and gives loads of stories that anyone could have come up with, but the attraction is still there. What if this method works? The page is full of discussion on the one-evening/overnight techniques and if the testimonials are real, then if may well be a great way to take care of dog behavioral problems in a short time span. It at least is worth checking out the page. Go Here: Dog Discovery Training Course

Okay! That’s it for now. If you are in the market for dog training materials, I hope that my little rant has assisted you in some way. Take care and happy dog days!

Quentin Yu