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Bonsai Gardening Fun

9 August, 2007

Hi there everyone!

I have been doing a lot of gardening lately. I helped start vegetable and ornamental garden for one friend and I have been taking care of another friend’s herbs and flowers for the past few weeks. Another friend is starting up an organic rooftop garden as part of an experiment to look at sustainability of gardening with potted plants. All of these projects have been greatly rewarding and they remind me of both my huge cacti garden which used to grace my backyard when I was living on the East coast of the states and also of my ex-girlfriend’s venture into bonsai gardening.

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I won’t say much this time about my cacti, although I can’t resist mentioning how great cacti and succulents are and how fun they are to grow! They always provided me with pleasure after a long day at work and I had a table a few chairs situated in the centre of the garden, so that I could have breakfast or tea surrounded by my spiny green children. Cacti gardening can be unbelievably relaxing and provide years of entertainment!

But enough of that (for now,) the real reason I am writing a blog today is to tell you about Bonsai gardening. My ex-girlfriend got started by taking some expensive classes and to be honest, I don’t think she was getting good instruction or the correct amount of attention in her courses. She spend tons of money on the plants and equipment and even more on the classes themselves. She had decent results sometimes, but mostly because she worked hard. She learned a lot, but not because of the classes.

Why am I writing all this: I found some great Bonsai courses you can get online and by-pass all the expensive non-sense that my ex-girlfriend went through and you will probably get better results (not because my ex was a bad gardener, but because these courses explain things very well and are not concerned with racking up charges or keeping certain information secret.)

To read a review of the top two best Bonsai guides you can get online go here: Bonsai Reviews

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I think you will agree that these guides are very exciting and if you are looking to delve into Bonsai gardening, these can be the best information you can find to get you started and keep you getting great results with your Bonsai garden!

I hoe that you all go start a new garden today!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

Quentin Yu