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Custom Tattoo Design Online

28 July, 2007

Hello everyone!

Today’s review will be about custom tattoo designs online. I have been thinking about getting more ink, as it were, and I have a specific need (as I assume anyone that is looking for a tattoo may have.) I am trying to conform to a theme of Tibetan style art for my tattoos. I got my first four tattoos a few years ago in another part of the country and the artist was and still is wonderful. Unfortunately, he is about as far away from me as you can get and still be in the same country, since I have moved to Hawaii and he is on the East coast.

I started looking around for custom tattoo designs online and I found a few sites that caught my eye. Many of them turned out to be worthless, in my opinion because they offered standard flash that you can get anywhere, and not even well-done flash at that, but listed below are five sites that I think out-ranked all the others, so I am sharing my thoughts in case you want to check them out and create of find a great design you will cherish forever (after all, these things are going to be on your body for the rest of your days! You need to get them done well and be proud of them!)


    Chopper Tattoos

One of the bigger sties may actually be the best. It is called Chopper Tattoos and they certainly seem to have the biggest and most kick ass selection of flash. As with most of these sites, you cannot get to the artwork without becoming a member. That is understandable seeing as they are selling you their designs. What this site does (as do a few of the others I will talk about) is they show some examples on the front page of the site so you can get an idea of what to expect as far as quality. Also they give a full list of the general categories of art they handle, which is quite extensive. I definitely give them a thumbs up! Heck, they even have free music downloads on the site to add to the value of their services! Nice!

Check them out here: Chopper Tattoos

    Tattoo Me Now

Close to Chopper Tattoos in value is Tattoo Me Now. This site seems to have the best instructional material for making sure you get the artwork you want. I HIGHLY recommend this site for those getting their first ink job!!! They have loads and loads of designs and a great series of instructions on super important things like picking your artist, placing your tattoo, et cetera. Not much art on the front page, but the quality of the art on the inside is ace! The amount of information you get on the front page will give you an idea of the seriousness of the artists involved. I definitely recommend this page, especially for the walking blank canvases out there ready to take the tattoo plunge!

Get your first ink design here: Tattoo Me Now

    Custom Chinese Tattoo Design

The next site is a specialized site called Custom Chinese Tattoo Design. They are just that. I went here looking for Tibetan art, but it seems they don’t have much of anything but Han related art, focusing on Hanzi or Chinese language characters. It also appears that they prefer traditional characters to simplified ones, leaning towards calligraphic designs, but they are open to other forms of characters, too. The site is great for those wishing to get a Chinese character oriented design or something Han Chinese related that may have a character involved. The site features wonderful work and loads of pictures on the front page to show the quality of the work. Absolutely great site for those looking to get a design of this nature!

Design a great Chinese character tattoo here: Custom Chinese Tattoo Design

    Find Your Tattoo

The next site is a great site for basic design work. It is the Find Your Tattoo site. The page is a little hard to find, so follow the link below to go straight to it. There is no artwork on the front page, but there is a video of the art and the package that you get. It is a download of images to plough through and that is about all, but it does have great standard flash work and it is cheap – less the ten dollars. The site holds great value for what you get if you are in the market for something basic or standard, but still high quality. I recommend checking out the video on the front page and see if it is right for you.

Visit them here: Find Your Tattoo

    Tattoo My Brain

The last one for today is Tattoo My Brain. This site also seems quite concerned with making sure the custom is pleased with their choices. It is somewhat directed to first-time customers, but it definitely holds many designs for the person looking to get something special. They encourage taking the designs on their site and using them to inspire original, custom work. Like Tattoo Me Now, they also give lots of instruction of selecting artists, parlors, and other important health and satisfaction tips. I would definitely check them out if you are wanting to get ideas for an original work and want more insight into the whole process of getting inked!

Go to their site here: Tattoo My Brain

That’s it for today. I do hope that you all find my tid bits on custom tattoo designs online helpful! Happy inking!

Quentin Yu