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Get Put On! – How to Start Your Own Hip Hop Label

31 July, 2007

Get Put On! – How to start your own hip hop label

My second review today (It’s the weekend. I have extra time on my hands…) is about making your own record label. I have tried this one before. Actually, I have tried getting signed, booking my own tours, getting picked up by booking agents, working with and in studios, and trying to start up a record label. Why would I do all that? Because major labels have one goal: exploit the small artist and keep the creativity of the artists to conformation with their marketing guidelines.

Well, what does that have to do with anything? Here’s the scoop: If you have any creative integrity at all and it does not meet the guidelines set up by major label marketing, forget signing a contract with them. Where does that leave you? No label, struggling to create demos and product and get your work distributed, finding gigs is a hassle, and you remain at home, working on material that no one will ever hear because you have been stumped.

That or start your own label. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Too much work – too many things to worry about – maybe you should just give up. Well, if you are like me, even if it is too much work, you simply can’t let go of the music and creativity, so you try again, but this time with a different plan. Starting your own label solves all sorts of problems and there are several big name artists who have done the same thing! They start their own label, release what they feel is quality material, and they reap the benefits and the profits from their hard work, not the major label execs that don’t care about the music, only the bucks. This way you can care about both the music and the bucks and it will show through like an exploding star!

Okay. This is supposed to be a product review, not a rant. Sorry. Being a musician that has done successful self-booked tours and recording publications, I understand the frustration that may come along with trying be professional and not have label backing. No worries. I stumbled across this gem of a opportunity for all those folks that want to start their own label and get ahead in the music biz!

The product is called Get Put On! They direct their marketing towards the hip hop artists, probably because those guys and girls are total go-getters that can taste the musical success they seek. Here’s the great news: The guide that this site promotes will work for any music genre at all! These tricks and tips and places to get started are genre-non specific, although they do lean towards the hip hop styles more than others with some aspects of the guide.

Okay. Check this out: The guide discusses the radio industry and how to get airtime; Marketing; pressing discs; distribution, copyrighting; Studio tricks and mastering final products; production; artwork; et cetera. Speaking from an experienced musician point of few, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of topics covered in this guide! WOW! Get Put On! is an amazing wealth of information!

Okay. I can rave and rave about this one for pages, so I will be quiet now and simply let you check it out for yourself. This one is truly a gem! Check them out if you have any interest at all in breaking into the music business or finding out how to start up your own label! Great resource!!!

Go here to see for yourself: Get Put On!